Boston Whitehall 17' Tender

This boat is in progress in my shop now.  (Pictures taken off internet).

Bead & Cove Strip made from Black Walnut.

I designed this boat in Solidworks software.

Sheet 1 thru Sheet 5 are the 4'x8' plywood Bulkheads for the Strong Back Frame.

32 Ft Cabin Cruiser

This boat I Modeled for a company in Florida. All I had was the Hull (designed by the Nautical Engineer) and

2D Front, Side and Top views to work with. All Modeled up in Seimens NX11 software.

Your idea's are important. Let's put them in CAD.

X-1 Hydroplane

The X-1 Racing Hydroplane was designed in 1952 which reached speeds of 75 mph.

I have redesigned the boat to my image.

Contact me if you want the original plans and layout.

Weekend Canoe

I had fun making this "Square Back" 15 ft canoe. Only a weekend.

OK an extra day or 2 for the seats and paint. This is a "Stitch & Glue" type construction.

The whole boat was then Fiber glassed to "Water Tight" the boat.

Email me for the plans.